HomeRoom Designs is a decorating company that creates spaces for ​chilren and adults. It is co-founded by a mother of six and her eldest ​teenage son who has a passion for architecture. Together, they bring ​a unique blend of creativity, functionality, and family-oriented design ​to every project.

What sets this company apart is its versatility. Recognizing that families evolve and grow, they also offer ​decorating services for adult spaces, seamlessly transitioning their expertise from childhood to adulthood. ​Whether it's designing a sophisticated living room, a serene bedroom retreat, or a creative laundry room, ​they infuse each project with the same attention to detail, personalized touch, and commitment to quality ​that defines their work in children's spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the founder's experience as a mother and her son's architectural insights, they ​blend aesthetic beauty with functional practicality, creating spaces that are comfortable, visually pleasing, ​highly livable and of course a lot of FUN for the little ones!



Schedule a free Design Consultation

This is a 15-minute Zoom call to meet and briefly discuss your project needs.

Paid Consultation

After our initial conversation, we will do an onsite design consultation. This allows us to see your space in person and discuss your design needs, style preference, and get a scope of the project. This will include taking measurements and pictures and collaborating on the design direction. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions. You can then determine our level of involvement and discuss the direction in how to proceed. By the end of this meeting, we will recommend a plan that aligns with your design needs and budget.


Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we send you a proposal that details exactly how we will help you reach your goals.

Concept Presentation

Once we have created the design concept, we will present it to you. This will be a time to make modifications and improvements based on your feedback. Our goal is for you to LOVE the design plan! From there, you may choose to complete the design implementation on your own or have us complete the project.


The fee for the Paid Consultation is $100 which must be paid at least 24-hours prior to the ​appointment. If you prefer to complete the project on your own, no further payment is necessary. If ​you would like us to implement the plan, the hourly fee is $45 and the $100 Consultation Fee will be ​deducted from the initial invoice. A minimum of 10-hours ($450) will be needed to get the project ​started and an estimated total hourly amount will be given during the presentation.



about me

I am a mother of 6 boisterous kiddos and a wonderful husband! ​We live in Frisco, TX which is a suburb of Dallas. I have always ​loved design! After I got married and started having children, ​my love for functional design grew. I’ve decorated (and ​redecorated) all of the homes that we’ve lived in and helped ​family and friends with their spaces over the years. My approach ​is deeply rooted in collaboration and client satisfaction. I work ​closely with each client to understand their vision, lifestyle, and ​practical needs, ensuring that every design reflects their unique ​personality and enhances their daily life. It’s important to create ​spaces that can grow with families, seamlessly transitioning ​from childhood to adulthood while maintaining a consistent ​commitment to creativity, functionality, and personalized ​design.


about me

I am the eldest brother of 6 and have been interested in ​architecture since middle school. This interest stemmed ​from my love of LEGO creations as a child. As I mature, I wish ​to find ways that I can express my creativity on a larger scale ​and to a broader audience. As such, I’ve chosen to begin this ​journey as an interior decorator by assisting in decision ​making when it comes to creating and finalizing designs. ​Regardless of my newcoming to this industry, I have ​experience in rendering designs and helping people visualize ​how the finished product will look as well as giving helpful ​tips that brings a whole new take to what people are ​thinking. Whether I’m designing a child’s transitional space ​or someone’s forever home , I’ve dedicated myself to ​designing spaces that capture hearts!


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